Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

>> In any case, in the ideal future, I would imagine that we would want
>> to have "cat-file blob" to enable "--filters" by default; that would
>> make cat-file and hash-objects a pair of symmetric operations.
> I would advocate against that. It is not like the terms "hash-object" and
> "cat-file" even *look* like they are opposites.

I do not quite understand your objection.

hash-object is "I have data somewhere on the filesystem, and I want
to store it in the object store even though I am not ready to add it
to the index yet (or I may not even add it to the index ever), just
to make it available to Git tools".  cat-file is "I have data in the
object store, I want to make it available to my other tools that
understand data stored on the filesystem."

When we taught "--no-filters" to "hash-object" back in 2008, we
should have realized that "cat-file :path >path" would want to be a
way to do "checkout path" (with "--no-filters" option to allow us to
inspect the "canonical version"), but we didn't.

Yes, correcting ancient mistakes is costly.  Such is life.

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