Hi Torsten,

On Thu, 25 Aug 2016, Torsten Bögershausen wrote:

> > I was not talking about the cost of correcting mistakes. Running --filters
> > is potentially very costly. Just so you understand what I am talking
> > about: I have a report that says that checking out a sizeable worktree
> > with core.autocrlf=true is 58% slower than with core.autocrlf=false. That
> > is horrible. []
> Is this a public repo ?


> Or is there a benchmark repo somewhere ?

Unfortunately not. The only information I have is that it contains
gazillions of files and that most of that time was spent in figuring out
whether the files contain CR/LF, LF, or both.

I hope to get back to some performance benchmarking soon. I have some
experimental code to generate Git repositories of a specific size, and I
hope to be able to replicate the issues with that infrastructure.

Should be fun.


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