From: "Dakota Hawkins" <>
On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 11:41 AM, Johannes Schindelin
<> wrote:
Hi Dakota,

On Tue, 23 Aug 2016, Dakota Hawkins wrote:

I use GFW almost exclusively, but I pretty much always consult the
upstream documentation anyway (because I find it easier).

Oh... I thought that typing "git help git-commit" opening a nice HTML page
in your favorite browser was good enough.

Do you have any suggestion how to improve the user experience?

Just a small one, and that's that I'd prefer the option to have help
display in my terminal (that option might exist and I don't know how
to turn it on). That would be very convenient for me.

Opening a nice HTML page is probably nice for a lot of users. What
frustrates me about it is that I don't know which browser window on
which monitor (of 3) it's going to open in, so it's a context-switch
to a different window somewhere that I don't have much control over.

The thing I find easier about using the upstream documentation is just
that I can pick the browser window I want it to come up in, and it's
usually faster enough for me to just google "git-whatever" or
re-purpose an open doc tab. I don't prefer the _content_ of the
upstream documentation, it's just less frustrating for me to use, if
that makes sense.

If you would like to use the man pages, then one option is to install the SDK, which then allows you to install the man package, (setting the manpath as required) to allow your choice of viewer. You may need to set the minnty config BoldAsFont=yes if you want the bold for the headings in the man pages.

With the SDK you can also create a personal release version of GfW that includes the man viewer if you like.

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