On Thu, Sep 08, 2016 at 08:06:35PM +0100, Ramsay Jones wrote:

> > Actually, I take it back again. Your test case doesn't have an embedded
> > NUL in it (so we check that git finds it, but aside from the lack of
> > segfault, stock git would already find it).
> This reminds me ... despite the native cygwin regex library no longer
> having the 'regex bug' (ie t0070.5 now passes), I still have NO_REGEX
> set on cygwin. This is because, when building with the native library,
> we have an "unexpected pass" for t7008.12, which looks like:
> test_expect_failure 'git grep .fi a' '
>         git grep .fi a
> '
> [where the file a is set up earlier by: echo 'binaryQfile' | q_to_nul >a]
> commit f96e5673 ("grep: use REG_STARTEND for all matching if available",
> 22-05-2010) introduced this test and expects ".. NUL characters themselves
> are not matched in any way". With the native library on cygwin they are
> matched, with the compat/regex they are not. Indeed, if you use the system
> 'grep' command (rather than 'git grep'), then it will also not match ... :-D
> Slightly off topic, but ...

Hmm. So it sounds like the "regmatch" in grep.c could go away in favor
of Johannes's regexec_buf(), and cygwin ought to be using NO_REGEX.


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