Hello David,

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> Hi Jakub,
> I guess we could keep polishing this forever!
> Anyway, a couple of last comments from me:
> 1. Could you use the new Git logo instead of the +++/---- ? It would show
> some clear relationship with the Git community. The new logo has been in use
> for a few years now so I guess many people will recognise this.

Good idea. Done.

Though I say I like old logo one better...

> 2. If survs have dropdowns for countries and ages (integers) it might be
> worth using those instead of free text fields. Countries in particular
> should have a drop-down if available. It could probably avoid some
> post-survey correction.

Unfortunately Survs.com do not offer pre-made dropdowns for countries.
It offers a way to provide answers for a question by copy'n'paste of a plain
text file, for example with list of countries.

Coming up with correct list of countries is not easy, as I wrote:

JN> Survs.com do not offer list of countries as a pre-defined drop-down
JN> list (select, with search), and it looks like it is not as easy as
JN> I thought (though I could push responsibility to Locale::Country ;-):
JN>   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states
JN> This question originally read "What country are you from?"
JN> which might be thought as country of birth... which may not
JN> exist any longer.

Though perhaps I make it harder that it really is:
$ perl -MLocale::Country -e 'print join "\n", all_country_names();'

> 3. The comment: Both question "3. Have you found Git easy to learn?" and "4.
> Have you found Git easy to use?" are about being it easy or hard in general;
> for mathematically inclined you can think about it as a weighted average."
> Not sure that this adds anything useful to the survey and could be removed,
> or at least needs correcting to mention the correct questions.

Fixed question numbers, removed unnecessary and not useful note about
"weighted average".

> OK, that's it from me!


Jakub Narębski

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