Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Andrew Ardill pisze:
> > Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> 25. What [channel(s)] do you use to request/get help about Git [(if any)]
> >
> > It may also be useful to ask how people hear news about git, such as
> > when a new release comes out. Not sure if worth a separate question,
> > as there is a lot of crossover in the resources available for this and
> > for requesting help, but knowing this information would help us
> > understand what kinds of users are responding and which communication
> > channels are effective for git news.
> How would you propose such question would look like, and what proposed
> answers would be (if it were not a free-text / essay question)?

Something like:

XX. How do you hear about git related news (such as new releases and
community events)?
    (multiple choice or single choice?)
 * I wasn't aware there was any news
 * I don't read any news, but I'm aware of it
 * through news aggregation sites (such as reddit or hacker news)
 * from a newsletter (such as Git Rev News)
 * from a mailing list (such as the git developer or the git for windows list)
 * other

It would be good to allow a list of specific resources to be written
to capture things we don't know about, and specific instances of the
categories above, eg:
"hacker news, git mailing list, git rev news"

> Note that there might be a problem of severe bias: people who heard
> about Git User's Survey 2016 are probably ones that watch news about Git.
> Still, it would be useful to know if people read RelNotes...

Agreed, the intent behind the question is to work out what are the
effective communication channels so that they can be used more

> That is, if people have a pattern to their upgrade of Git, and can
> tell how often they upgrade.
> XX. How often you upgrade Git?
>     (multiple choice or single choice?)
>  * as soon as new version is released
>  * when there is new binary package / distribution package
>  * when updating distribution / system
>  * around every month, or more often
>  * around every 6 months or more often
>  * I use what is installed on system
> Something like that?

Exactly, looks great.


Andrew Ardill
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