W dniu 26.08.2016 o 08:15, Eric Wong pisze:

> Not directly-related to the survey questions, but can you ensure
> it's accessible to folks without JavaScript/graphics, and
> perhaps also ensure it is on a host that is Tor-friendly?

I plan on using Survs.com (where we have Premium account for free,
thanks to Survs admins).  It has good online analysis tools, allows
to download results in easy parseable format[1], and has support
for multiple channels.

[1]: https://github.com/jnareb/GitSurvey-scripts

It is possible to have a channel without JavaScript and without
cookies (anonymous), at the cost of having to fill the survey
in one go (without cookies and JavaScript you cannot go back
to fill more questions, or change your mind about answers).
The main page of survey would have a link to JavaScript-free
version, and all announcements (by me) would include it.

There would be no graphics that are not purely optional
(decorative); probably there would be just a logo.

I'm not sure how Tor-friendly is this host.
> Graphics setups often require non-Free firmware or drivers for
> acceptable performance; and there are also visually-impaired
> users who will need screen readers or Braille.

A question: would it be better to have the whole survey one one
large page, or have it split into pages (with fever questions
per page)?

P.S. With from 3k to 11k responses (I hope for at least 5k)
Git User's Survey is outside of the free tier of most if not
all web survey sites.  I guess I could cobble something together
out of Google Forms, but we would loose online analysis (and
probably some of data that Survs.com makes available in download).

Best regards,
Jakub Narębski
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