W dniu 28.08.2016 o 11:49, Eric Wong pisze:
> Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> W dniu 26.08.2016 o 08:15, Eric Wong pisze:
>>> Not directly-related to the survey questions, but can you ensure
>>> it's accessible to folks without JavaScript/graphics, and
>>> perhaps also ensure it is on a host that is Tor-friendly?
>> A question: would it be better to have the whole survey one one
>> large page, or have it split into pages (with fever questions
>> per page)?
> I prefer single. One could get one page, take take time and let the
> connection drop/fail, and send it over all in one go.  With multiple
> pages, one would have to reconnect for every POST.

All right, I can make Git User's Survey 2016 to be on one page
(at least the anonymous JavaScript-less channel).  It turns out
that there would be 40-42 questions in this year survey.

Though I don't know how resilent Survs.com is for submitting survey
results after connection drop/fail.

*Editing* survey (which requires to be logged in, which is not needed
for submitting survey), times out after inactivity.

Jakub Narębski

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