Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> On Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Linus Torvalds
> <> wrote:
>>> So IMHO, the best combination is the init_default_abbrev() you posted in
>>> [1], but initialized at the top of find_unique_abbrev(). And cached
>>> there, obviously, in a similar way.
>> That's certainly possible, but I'm really not happy with how the
>> counting function looks.  And nobody actually stood up to say "yeah,
>> that gets alternate loose objects right" or "if you have tons of those
>> alternate loose objects you have other issues anyway". I think
>> somebody would have to "own" that counting function, the advantage of
>> just putting it into disambiguate_state is that we just get the
>> counting for free..
> Side note: maybe we can mix the two approaches, and keep the counting
> in the disambiguation state, and just make the counting function do
>     init_object_disambiguation();
>     find_short_object_filename(&ds);
>     find_short_packed_object(&ds);
>     finish_object_disambiguation(&ds, sha1);
> and then just use "ds.nrobjects". So the counting would still be done
> by the disambiguation code, it just woudln't be in get_short_sha1().
> So here's another version that takes that approach. And if somebody
> (hint hint) wants to do the counting differently, they can perhaps
> send an incremental patch to do that.
> (This patch also contains the few setup issues Junio found with the
> new "default_abbrev is negative" model)

Sorry, but I do not quite see the point in the difference between
this one and your original that had a hook in get_short_sha1(), as
it seemed to me that Peff's objection was about the counting done in
find_short_object_filename() and find_short_packed_object(), which
is (understandably) still here.

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