On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 3:47 PM, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Felipe,
> I'll invite you to reread some of your words:
>> That being said, I did wonder what must be going through his mind to
>> not see that as obvious,
> (...)
>> Following the guideline of always assuming good faith
> So perhaps it does apply that you could try to assume good
> intellectual faith in others. When you wonder "what must be going
> through his mind to not see it as obvious"... you should consider
> "hey, maybe I am missing some aspect of this".

That's what I did.

But even if I didn't, that's not offensive, that only means I made a
mistake and it is actually not obvious. But that would be a
*technical* mistake.

When I feel something is obvious, I say "I think this is obvious",
when I feel something is obvious to me, but not to others, I say "This
is obvious to me", when I believe with every fiber of my being that
something is obvious with a very low margin of error, not only to me,
but to other people, I say "this is as obvious as it gets". Of course,
there's the possibility that I missed something, there's always that
possibility, but even if I did, that would be a *technical* mistake.

If you want to discuss the technical aspect of whether or not that is
obvious, feel free to comment in the other thread. This one is about
netiquette. And I've yet to see what is wrong with saying "this is
obvious", *specially* if we are assuming good faith from both sides,
and both sides have already agreed that there's a disagreement, no
insults, no name calling, not ad hominem attacks; simply a
disagreement. Nothing wrong with disagreeing, even if it's strongly.


Felipe Contreras
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