On 11/01/2012 02:46 PM, René Scharfe wrote:
> Also, and I'm sure you didn't know that, "Jedem das Seine" (to each
> his own) was the slogan of the Buchenwald concentration camp.  For
> that reason some (including me) hear the unspoken cynical
> half-sentence "and some people just have to be sent to the gas
> chamber" when someone uses this proverb.

It goes further back than that.

"Suum cuique pulchrum est" ("To each his own is a beautiful thing") is
a latin phrase said to be used frequently in the roman senate when
senators politely agreed to disagree and let a vote decide the outcome
rather than debating further.

Please don't let the twisted views of whatever nazi idiot thought it
meant "you may have the wrong faith and therefore deserve to die, so you
shall" pollute it. The original meaning is both poetic and democratic,
and I firmly believe most people have the original meaning to the fore
of their mind when using it. After all, very few people knowingly quote
nazi concentration camp slogans.

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Considering the successes of the wars on alcohol, poverty, drugs and
terror, I think we should give some serious thought to declaring war
on peace.
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