Jeff King <> writes:

> I think a much more compelling argument/commit message for your
> suggested patch would be:
>   We currently prompt the user for the "From" address. This is an
>   inconvenience in the common case that the user has configured their
>   identity in the environment, but is meant as a safety check for when
>   git falls back to an implicitly generated identity (which may or may
>   not be valid).
>   That safety check is not really necessary, though, as by default
>   send-email will prompt the user for a final confirmation before
>   sending out any message. The likelihood that a user has both bothered
>   to turn off this default _and_ not configured any identity (nor
>   checked that the automatic identity is valid) is rather low.

This somehow reminds me of the first paragraph of f20f387 (commit:
check committer identity more strictly, 2012-07-23).

I never use "send-email driving format-patch" workflow myself, but I
suspect there are people among who do so who are using --compose to
do the cover letter of their series.  Does the "confirmation as the
last step" help them, or would they have to retype their message?
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