Jeff King <> writes:

> That is a good question. That confirmation step does come after they
> have typed their cover letter. However, if they are using --compose,
> they are dumped in their editor with something like:
>   From Jeff King <> # This line is ignored.
>   GIT: Lines beginning in "GIT:" will be removed.
>   GIT: Consider including an overall diffstat or table of contents
>   GIT: for the patch you are writing.
>   GIT:
>   GIT: Clear the body content if you don't wish to send a summary.
>   From: Jeff King <>
>   Subject: 
>   In-Reply-To: 
> which I think would count as sufficient notice of the address being
> used.

OK.  Tentatively I replaced your old series with these 8 patches
including the last one, as I tend to agree with the value the
earlier clean-up in the series gives us in the longer term.  As you
and Felipe discussed, we may want to replace the last one with a
simpler "don't bother asking" patch, but I think that is more or
less an orthogonal issue.

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