Yann Dirson <dir...@bertin.fr> writes:

> There seems to be some bad interactions between git-push and grafts.
> The problem seems to occur when a commit that exists in the remote
> repo is subject to a graft in the local repo, and we try to push one
> of the fake parents.

History tweaking by grafts is only visible inside your local
repository and objects are not rewritten, and grafts are not
transferred across repositories.  They were invented to be used as a
stop-gap measure until you filter-branch the history before
publishing (or if you do not publish, then you can keep using your
local grafts).

Isn't this well known?  Perhaps we would need to document it better.

What you can do is to use "replace" instead and publish the replace
refs, I think.  Object transfer will then follow the true parenthood
connectivity and people who choose to use the same replacement as
you do can fetch the replace ref from you (this will grab objects
necessary to complete the alternative history) and install it.

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