Yann Dirson <dir...@bertin.fr> writes:

> And we may still want the bug fixed, or would we just list it as a known bug ?
> At least it does not seem to occur with "replace" refs:

The "replace" was designed to "fix" known limitation of grafts,
which is _inherent_ to it; the graft information was designed _not_
to be shared across repositories.  The fix was done by by using a
different mechanism to allow propagating the information across

So there is nothing further to fix, except that there is a documentation
bug you can fix if you didn't find it documented.


> git-test$ rm .git/info/grafts 
> git-test$ echo "fake merge" | git commit-tree master^{tree} -p master^ -p 
> maint
> b821b2aa00973a47936d7cd25c9a5978b1c839c6
> git-test$ git replace master b821b2aa00973a47936d7cd25c9a5978b1c839c6
> git-test$ git push origin maint
> ...
>    50b03b0..79211fe  maint -> maint
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