On Wed, 12 Dec 2012 09:44:32 +0100 Yann Dirson <dir...@bertin.fr> wrote:
> In fact, I even looked for a way to specify an alternate (or supplementary)
> grafts file for this drafting work, so only well-controlled git invocations
> would see them, whereas the others would just ignore them, and could not find
> any - nor could I identify an existing way of disabling the use of grafts by
> other means than moving it out of the way.  In this respect, they seem to be
> lacking a few features, when compared to "replace" refs, but they have 
> different
> uses, and just using the latter as a drafting area is just not adequate.
> I thought about adding support for a GIT_GRAFTS_FILE envvar, which would
> default to $GITDIR/info/grafts, or maybe with a more general addition of a
> GIT_EXTRA_GRAFT_FILES envvar, but I'm not sure the latter would be that 
> useful.

My bad on this point: there *is* a GIT_GRAFT_FILE envvar, it is just 
In fact it is not the only one:

git.git$ for v in $(git grep define.*_ENVIRONMENT master -- cache.h | cut -d'"' 
-f2|grep ^GIT_); do git grep -q $v master -- Documentation || echo "missing 
$v"; done

Yann Dirson - Bertin Technologies
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