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Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:

> Yann Dirson <dir...@bertin.fr> writes:
> > ....  In this respect, they seem to be
> > lacking a few features, when compared to "replace" refs, but they have 
> > different
> > uses, ...
> Not reallyl; grafts were old hack whose use is still supported with
> its original limitations; replace is meant to replace all uses of
> grafts while removing grafts' largest warts.

OK, I'll take this into account.

But this situation should probably be make more clear in the docs.  Currently,
gitrepository-layout.txt describes refs/replace/ (and shallow) by reference to 
and those are not marked as discouraged-use or anything.

And we may still want the bug fixed, or would we just list it as a known bug ?
At least it does not seem to occur with "replace" refs:

git-test$ rm .git/info/grafts 
git-test$ echo "fake merge" | git commit-tree master^{tree} -p master^ -p maint
git-test$ git replace master b821b2aa00973a47936d7cd25c9a5978b1c839c6
git-test$ git push origin maint
   50b03b0..79211fe  maint -> maint

Yann Dirson - Bertin Technologies
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