On 12/21/2012 04:12 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> From: Adam Spiers <g...@adamspiers.org>
> Yellow seems a more appropriate color than bold green when
> considering the universal traffic lights coloring scheme, where
> green conveys the impression that everything's OK, and amber that
> something's not quite right.
Here are few more details about the behaviour of other testing
tools, in case you want to squash them in the commit message for
future references:

1. Automake (at least up to 1.13) and Autotest (at least up to the
   2.69 Autoconf release) use "bold" green for reporting expected

2. On the other hand, the 'prove' utility (as of TAP::Harness v3.23
   and Perl v5.14.2) use yellow (not bold) for the same purpose.

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