On 12/21/2012 04:46 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> [SNIP]
> The only thing the additional knowledge adds seems to be to give
> rationale for the old choice of "bold green"---it was not chosen
> from thin-air but can be viewed as following the automake/autotest
> scheme, and other systems cannot agree on what color to pick for
> this purpose.
> I do not see a need to justify why we chose differently from
> automake/autotest; we could say something like:
>     Yellow seems a more appropriate color than bold green when
>     considering the universal traffic lights coloring scheme, where
>     green conveys the impression that everything's OK, and amber that
>     something's not quite right.  This is in line with what 'prove'
>     uses, but different from 'automake/autotest' do.
> but we are not in the business of choosing which is more correct
> between prove and automake/autotest, and I do not see how it adds
> much value to tell readers that color choices are not universally
> agreed upon across various test software suites---that's kind of
> known, isn't it?
> So...
That is fine with me, I just pointed it out because I suspected not
everybody was aware of all these details.  If you decide they don't
matter, it's perfectly OK -- but at least now it's an informed
choice ;-)


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