Jeff King <> writes:

>> Good point, I forgot to check what it looked like with -v.  Since this
>> series is already on v6, is there a more lightweight way of addressing
>> this tiny tweak than sending v7?
> It is ultimately up to Junio, but I suspect he would be OK if you just
> reposted patch 4/7 with the above squashed. Or even just said "I like
> this, please squash it into patch 4 (change info messages from
> yellow/brown to bold cyan).

Surely; as long as the series is not in 'next', the change to be
squashed is not too big and it is not too much work (and in this
case it certainly is not).

I actually wonder if "skipped test in bold blue" and "known breakage
in bold yellow" should also lose the boldness.  Errors and warnings
in bold are good, but I would say the degree of need for attention
are more like this:

        error (failed tests - you should look into it)
        skip (skipped - perhaps you need more packages?)
        warn (expected failure - you may want to look into fixing it someday)

The "expected_failure" cases painted in "warn" are all long-known
failures; I do not think reminding about them in "bold" over and
over will help encouraging the developers take a look at them.

The "skipped" cases fall into two categories.  Either you already
know you choose to not to care (e.g. I do not expect to use git-p4
and decided not to install p4 anywhere, so I may have t98?? on
GIT_SKIP_TESTS environment) or you haven't reached that point on a
new system and haven't realized that you didn't install a package
needed to run tests you care about (e.g. cvsserver tests would not
run without Perl interface to SQLite).  For the former, the bold
output is merely distracting; for the latter, bold _might_ help in
this case.

At least, I think

        GIT_SKIP_TESTS=t98?? sh -v

should paint "skipping test t9800 altogether" (emitted with "-v) and
the last line "1..0 # SKIP skip all tests in t9800" both in the same
"info" color.

How about going further to reduce "bold" a bit more, like this?

diff --git a/t/ b/t/
index aaf013e..2bbb81d 100644
--- a/t/
+++ b/t/
@@ -182,13 +182,13 @@ then
                        tput bold; tput setaf 1;; # bold red
-                       tput bold; tput setaf 4;; # bold blue
+                       tput setaf 4;; # bold blue
-                       tput bold; tput setaf 3;; # bold brown/yellow
+                       tput setaf 3;; # bold brown/yellow
                        tput setaf 2;;            # green
-                       tput bold; tput setaf 6;; # bold cyan
+                       tput setaf 6;; # bold cyan
                        test -n "$quiet" && return;;
@@ -589,7 +589,7 @@ for skp in $GIT_SKIP_TESTS
        case "$this_test" in
-               say_color skip >&3 "skipping test $this_test altogether"
+               say_color info >&3 "skipping test $this_test altogether"
                skip_all="skip all tests in $this_test"
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