On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 11:21:09AM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> The "expected_failure" cases painted in "warn" are all long-known
> failures; I do not think reminding about them in "bold" over and
> over will help encouraging the developers take a look at them.
> The "skipped" cases fall into two categories.  Either you already
> know you choose to not to care (e.g. I do not expect to use git-p4
> and decided not to install p4 anywhere, so I may have t98?? on
> GIT_SKIP_TESTS environment) or you haven't reached that point on a
> new system and haven't realized that you didn't install a package
> needed to run tests you care about (e.g. cvsserver tests would not
> run without Perl interface to SQLite).  For the former, the bold
> output is merely distracting; for the latter, bold _might_ help in
> this case.
> At least, I think
>       GIT_SKIP_TESTS=t98?? sh t9800-git-p4-basic.sh -v
> should paint "skipping test t9800 altogether" (emitted with "-v) and
> the last line "1..0 # SKIP skip all tests in t9800" both in the same
> "info" color.
> How about going further to reduce "bold" a bit more, like this?

Yeah, I think it is a little easier on the eyes while maintaining the
intended color scheme.

> diff --git a/t/test-lib.sh b/t/test-lib.sh
> index aaf013e..2bbb81d 100644
> --- a/t/test-lib.sh
> +++ b/t/test-lib.sh
> @@ -182,13 +182,13 @@ then
>               error)
>                       tput bold; tput setaf 1;; # bold red
>               skip)
> -                     tput bold; tput setaf 4;; # bold blue
> +                     tput setaf 4;; # bold blue

On my xterm, at least, this is actually the difference between light
blue" and dark blue, not bold and not-bold. I think it is OK, though to
be honest, having seen the "skip all" messages in cyan (e.g., running
t9800), I think just printing skip messages in cyan looks best. But it
is not that big a deal to me, and we are well into bikeshed territory, I
think, so that will be my last word on the subject.

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