Manlio Perillo venit, vidit, dixit 28.01.2013 10:26:
> Il 28/01/2013 00:00, Junio C Hamano ha scritto:
>> wookietreiber <> writes:
>>> I have a feature request for `git add` auto completion:
>>> `git add` auto completion suggests all files / directories,
>>> filtered by nothing. I guess it would be much nicer (as in
>>> increasing productivity) if it would only suggest unstaged
>>> content, as reported by `git status`, because that would be the
>>> only content one would be able to add.
>> I think that is what Manlio Perillo tried to do with the stalled
>> mp/complete-paths topic that is queued in 'pu'.
>> Manlio, any progress?
> Well, I assumed that the patch was stalled due to missing review from
> git completion experts...
> For this reason I have not updated it with your latest suggestions,
> waiting for the review (also, because now I'm busy with other projects).
> For the OP: the last patch can be found in the mailing list archive,
> with the subject:
>       [PATCH v5] git-completion.bash: add support for path completion
> and date:
>       Fri, 11 Jan 2013 19:48:43 +0100
> Can you please test it?
> Regards   Manlio

I haven't looked at the patch, but in the example above, untracked
files) could be added as well (unless you use -u), so maybe the scope
should depend on the option? If the new completion code kept me from
adding untracked files easily it wouldn't be an improvement.

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