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> Il 28/01/2013 18:52, Junio C Hamano ha scritto:
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> > 
> > Thanks both for commenting.  I'll find time to read it over again
> > and perhaps we can merge it to 'next' and advertise it in the next
> > issue of "What's cooking" report to ask for wider testing to move it
> > forward.
> Thanks.
> I will try to update the patch, with your latest suggestions (avoid
> tricky POSIX shell syntax, and CDPATH issue - if I remember 
> correctly),
> and with an update for the t/t9902-completion.sh test (that I 
> completely
> missed).

Hi Manlio,

I'm trying to update git-completion.tcsh to work properly with
your nice new completion feature.  But I'm having trouble with 
the missing '/' at the end of directories.

The new logic in git-completion.bash tells bash that 'filenames'
completion is ongoing so bash will add a '/' after directories.
Sadly, tcsh won't do that, so it would be simpler if
git-completion.bash added the '/' itself.  I looked at the 
git-completion.bash script changes and I noticed that for 
bash version < 4, you have to add the '/' yourself.  
I also noticed the following comment:

 # XXX if we append a slash to directory names when using
 # `compopt -o filenames`, Bash will append another slash.
 # This is pretty stupid, and this the reason why we have to
 # define a compatible version for this function.

So I gather you would rather add a '/' all the time to deal
with older bash version transparently.  This would be great
for tcsh also.  I'm trying to figure out
when bash mis-behaves when you add the '/' all the time?
When I try it (I have bash 4.1.5(1)-release) I didn't run
into the double slash problem you mention in the comment.

I'm hoping we can straighten this out and have
git-completion.bash add the '/' all the time.

Could you explain when the problem happens?


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