Michael J Gruber <g...@drmicha.warpmail.net> writes:
> Manlio Perillo venit, vidit, dixit 28.01.2013 15:02:
>> Please, test it and report any behaviour you think is incorrect.
> OK, that seems to work and to be quite helpful.
> Minor nit: "git add -u" could use the same fileset as "git commit". But
> I don't know whether completion can act upon the presence of options.
> Currently, it also includes untracked files (just like without -u) but
> omits unmodified and ignored ones, which is already quite an improvement.
> I won't be able to review the completion code but may contribute a few
> lines to t/t9902-completion.sh, possibly.

Thanks both for commenting.  I'll find time to read it over again
and perhaps we can merge it to 'next' and advertise it in the next
issue of "What's cooking" report to ask for wider testing to move it
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