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Il 28/01/2013 17:22, Michael J Gruber ha scritto:
> [...]
>> The patch will suggest (for git add command), all the files that are
>> candidate to be added to the index file.
>> Please, test it and report any behaviour you think is incorrect.
> OK, that seems to work and to be quite helpful.
> Minor nit: "git add -u" could use the same fileset as "git commit". But
> I don't know whether completion can act upon the presence of options.

It is possible, but I have not implemented since I was not sure about it
and I wanted to avoid to make the patch more hard to review.

I will work on it after the patch is approved.

> Currently, it also includes untracked files (just like without -u) but
> omits unmodified and ignored ones, which is already quite an improvement.
> I won't be able to review the completion code but may contribute a few
> lines to t/t9902-completion.sh, possibly.

Ah, I missed this test; thanks.

The proposed patch must update it.

Regards  Manlio
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