On Wed, Jan 30 2013, Jeff King wrote:
> I do not mind a .netrc or .authinfo parser, because while those formats
> do have security problems, they are standard files that may already be
> in use. So as long as we are not encouraging their use, I do not see a
> problem in supporting them (and we already do the same with curl's netrc
> support).
> But it would probably make sense for send-email to support the existing
> git-credential subsystem, so that it can take advantage of secure
> system-specific storage. And that is where we should be pointing new
> users. I think contrib/mw-to-git even has credential support written in
> perl, so it would just need to be factored out to Git.pm.

As far as I understand, there could be a git-credential helper that
reads ~/.authinfo and than git-send-email would just call “git
credential fill”, right?

I've noticed though, that git-credential does not support port argument,
which makes it slightly incompatible with ~/.authinfo.

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