Thomas Rast wrote:
> 2. Improving the `git add -p` interface
>    ------------------------------------

>     * The terminal/line-based interface becomes a problem if diff hunks
>       are too long to fit in your terminal.

I don't know if it's worth coming up with another interface.  The best
solution for this is editor integration, in my opinion.  I use Magit
mostly for just the graphical staging/ unstaging.  There's also a
Fugitive.vim for vim.

>     * Cannot look at the diff in word-diff mode (and apply it normally).

Yes, this is a major limitation that would be nice to fix.
Also: Having to figure out, heuristically, when to actually turn it on
might be a worthwhile feature, especially for services like GitHub.

>    As the existing code is written in Perl, that is what you will use for
>    this project.

I don't know- is Perl a possible deterrent?
Won't getting a word-diff to apply involve C work though?  (patching
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