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> * We should prepare an "ideas page".  Last year, Peff made one on
>     https://github.com/peff/git/wiki/SoC-2012-Ideas

[Resending the mail, because the last one failed because of inline html content]

One of the proposed ideas last year - 'Use JavaScript library /
framework in gitweb'

I wanted to work on this project last year, but Git community didn't
get a slot for the project from Google. I still worked on it and
almost finished it. Sadly I never got time to polish it to merge to
master. you can see some of my commits on it here.

Detailed notes on what actually did.

Gitweb is 1 huge perl script and even though it *works*, it is a poor
work in 2013. The code is pretty old and is a hard thing to jump into.
Quite a few here helped me to get started and it was a pretty good
experience. Jakub was the mentor. Ram and John 'warthog' Hawley
occasionally helped with git and general feedback back then. Andrew
Sayers <andrew-...@pileofstuff.org> helped a lot, but he just
disappeared one day.  I remember John mentioning about splitting the
file into smaller ones, rewriting some sections, adding more
documentation etc. I'm not sure if any work was done on this. I
couldn't follow the project for sometime.

I will try to make some time and finish it off in the next week or so.
I am having a bad schedule now between school and job, but will try my
level best.


Jaseem Abid
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