On 02/18/2013 06:42 PM, Jeff King wrote:
> I will do it again, if people feel strongly about Git being a part of
> it. However, I have gotten a little soured on the GSoC experience. Not
> because of anything Google has done; it's a good idea, and I think they
> do a fine of administering the program. But I have noticed that the work
> that comes out of GSoC the last few years has quite often not been
> merged, or not made a big impact in the codebase, and nor have the
> participants necessarily stuck around.
> And I do not want to blame the students here (some of whom are on the cc
> list :) ). They are certainly under no obligation to stick around after
> GSoC ends, and I know they have many demands on their time. But I am
> also thinking about what Git wants to get out of GSoC (and to my mind,
> the most important thing is contributors).

Speaking of libgit2:

Git provided the libgit2 project with a slot each of the last three GSOC.
The contributions made by the former students (Disclaimer: one of them
speaking) have been quite important for libgit2 and all three students
are still involved. Each project was an important push towards building
a new, feature complete Git library.

Thank you!

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