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On Monday 18 February 2013 12:42:39 Jeff King wrote:
> And I do not want to blame the students here (some of whom are on the cc
> list  ). They are certainly under no obligation to stick around after
> GSoC ends, and I know they have many demands on their time. But I am
> also thinking about what Git wants to get out of GSoC (and to my mind,
> the most important thing is contributors).

Just a little comment from another student:
Last year i worked on the 'remote helper for svn'. My official mentor was David 
Barr, but I had most interaction with Jonathan Nieder.

>From my point of view I wouldn't say the project was a fail. It was harder 
than I originally thought, yes. That happens.
But we have a remote helper in master now, although its far from complete and 
it's development is quite stalled. (remote-testsvn)

About sticking around:
As you can see I read the list (I was not on CC), but not very regularly, I 
admit. Anyways, I'd respond to mails in CC or on IRC.

During the summer I believe I learned git's development process quite well. I 
rerolled my main patch series 8 times until 19th of September, which is well 
beyond GSOC deadline. I tried to get it finished before concentrating on my 
studies again.

If I would now continue to contribute, it would be a completely new topic 
(like branch mapping) and take a lot of time that I don't have during the 
year, where I have to push my studies forward. 
For a student one aspect of  GSOC is also quite important: It is a cool and 
demanding summer job during the holidays, but it has to ramp down when the new 
semester starts.

Anyways I think GSOC is a great idea and I enjoyed contributing to git  a lot, 
would immediatly do it again. Keep it goin'!

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