On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 05:00:56PM +0100, Heiko Voigt wrote:

> > That is, every path to get_next_char happens while we are in
> > git_config_from_file, and that function guarantees that cf = &top, and
> > that top.f != NULL.  We do not have to even do any analysis of the
> > conditions for each call, because we never change "cf" nor "top.f"
> > except when we set them in git_config_from_file.
> Ok if you say so I will do that :-). I was thinking about adding a patch
> that would remove cf as a global variable and explicitely pass it down
> to get_next_char. That makes it more obvious that it actually is != NULL.
> Looking at your callgraph I do not think its that much work. What do you
> think?

Yeah, I think that makes it more obvious what is going on, but you will
run into trouble if you ever want that information to cross the "void *"
boundary of a config callback, as adding a new parameter there is hard.

The only place we do that now is for git_config_include, and I think you
could get by with stuffing it into the config_include_data struct (which
is already there to deal with this problem).

It would also make something like this patch hard or impossible:


as it wants to access "cf" from arbitrary callbacks. That is not a patch
that is actively under consideration, but I had considered polishing it
up at some point.

> BTW, how did you generate this callgraph? Do you have a nice tool for that?

I just did it manually in vi, working backwards from every instance of
get_next_char, as it is not that big a graph. I suspect something like
cscope could make it easier, but I don't know of any tool that will
build the graph automatically (it would not be that hard from the data
cscope has, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if such a tool exists).

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