On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 05:42:54PM +0100, Heiko Voigt wrote:

> > Your series does not actually add any callers of the new function. The
> > obvious "patch 5/4" would be to plumb it into "git config --blob", and
> > then we can just directly test it there (there could be other callers
> > besides reading from a blob, of course, but I think the point of the
> > series is to head in that direction).
> Since this is a split of the series mentioned above there are no real
> callers yet. The main reason for the split was that I wanted to reduce
> the review burden of one big series into multiple reviews of smaller
> chunks. If you think it is useful to add the --blob option I can also
> test from there. It could actually be useful to look at certain
> .gitmodules options from the submodule script.

I am on the fence. I do not want to create more work for you, but I do
think it may come in handy, if only for doing submodule things from
shell. And it is hopefully not a very large patch. I'd say try it, and
if starts looking like it will be very ugly, the right thing may be to
leave it until somebody really wants it.

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