On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 04:18:19PM -0700, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Josh Triplett wrote:
> >                       I have a .gitconfig in my git-managed home
> > directory which sets pushInsteadOf so that I can clone via git:// and
> > immediately have working push.  I work with a number of systems that
> > don't have inbound access to each other but do have outbound access to
> > the network; on some of these "satellite" boxes, I can't push changes
> > directly to the server pushInsteadOf points to, so I can explicitly set
> > pushurl in .git/config for that repository, which overrides the
> > pushInsteadOf.  This change would break that configuration.
> Would it?  As long as your pushurl does not start with git://, I think
> your configuration would still work fine.

I had to think about it for a while, but I think you're right; I
inferred a behavior that the patch didn't actually add or have anything
to do with, namely having the result of applying pushInsteadOf to the
non-push URL override the pushUrl.

OK, I take it back.  I *can* imagine configurations that this change
would break, since it does change intentional and documented behavior,
but I don't have any such configuration.  The only such configuration I
can imagine involves directly counting on the non-rewriting of pushUrl,
by using pushInsteadOf to rewrite urls and then sometimes using pushUrl
to override that and point back at the un-rewritten URL.  And while
supported, that does seem *odd*.

Objection withdrawn; if nobody can come up with a sensible configuration
that relies on the documented behavior, I don't particularly care if it

> After this patch, neither pushInsteadOf nor pushUrl overrides the
> other one.  The rule is:
>       1. First, get the URL from the remote's configuration, based
>          on whether you are fetching or pushing.
>          (At this step, in your setup git chooses the URL specified
>          with pushurl in your .git/config.)
>       2. Next, apply the most appropriate url.*.insteadOf or
>          url.*.pushInsteadOf rule, based on whether you are fetching
>          or pushing.
>          (At this step, no rewrite rules apply, so the URL is used
>          as is.)
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