Josh Triplett <> writes:

(on url.$base.pushInsteadOf)
>> If a remote has an explicit pushurl, git will ignore this setting for
>> that remote.
> That really meant what I just said above: git will prefer an explicit
> pushurl over the pushInsteadOf rewrite of url.

Very correct.

> It says nothing about
> applying pushInsteadOf to rewrite pushurl.

Incorrect, I think.  If you have pushURL, pushInsteadOf is *ignored*.
Of course, if you have both URL and pushURL, the ignored pushInsteadOf
will not apply to _anything_.  It will not apply to URL, and it will
certainly not apply to pushURL.

You are correct to point out that with the test we would want to
make sure that for a remote with pushURL and URL, a push goes

 - to pushURL;
 - not to URL;
 - not to insteadOf(URL);
 - not to pushInsteadOf(URL);
 - not to insteadOf(pushURL); and
 - not to pushInsteadOf(pushURL).

I do not think it is worth checking all of them, but I agree we
should make sure it does not go to pushInsteadOf(URL) which you
originally meant to check, and we should also make sure it does not
go to pushInsteadOf(pushURL).

>>  test_expect_success 'push with pushInsteadOf and explicit pushurl 
>> (pushInsteadOf should not rewrite)' '
>>      mk_empty &&
>> -    TRASH="$(pwd)/" &&
>> -    git config "url.trash2/.pushInsteadOf" trash/ &&
>> +    git config "url.trash2/.pushInsteadOf" testrepo/ &&


        git config "url.trash3/.pusnInsteadOf" trash/wrong &&

here should be sufficient for that, no?  If we mistakenly used URL
(i.e. trash/wrong) the push would fail.  If we mistakenly used
pushInsteadOf(URL), that is rewritten to trash3/ and again the push
would fail.  pushInsteadOf(pushURL) would go to trash2/ and that
would also fail.

We aren't checking insteadOf(URL) and insteadOf(pushURL) but
everything else is checked, I think, so we can do without replacing
anything.  We can just extend it, no?

>>      git config remote.r.url trash/wrong &&
>> -    git config remote.r.pushurl "$TRASH/testrepo" &&
>> +    git config remote.r.pushurl "testrepo/" &&
>>      git push r refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/master &&
>>      (
>>              cd testrepo &&
> ...the test you describe should appear in *addition* to this test, not
> replacing it, because as described above this test does test one
> critical bit of behavior, namely prefering pushurl over the
> pushInsteadOf rewrite of url.
> - Josh Triplett
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