Josh Triplett wrote:

> Related to this, as a path forward, I do think it makes sense to have a
> setting usable as an insteadOf that only applies to pushurl, even though
> pushInsteadOf won't end up serving that purpose.  That way,
> pushInsteadOf covers the "map read-only repo url to pushable repo url"
> case, and insteadOfPushOnly covers the "construct a magic prefix that
> maps to different urls when used in url or pushurl" case.

I hope not.  That would be making configuration even more complicated.

I hope that we can fix the documentation, tests, and change
description in the commit message enough to make Rob's patch a
no-brainer.  If that's not possible, I think the current state is
livable, just confusing.

I was happy to see Rob's patch because it brings git's behavior closer
to following the principle of least surprise.  I am not actually that
excited by the use case, except the "avoiding surprise" part of it.

Hope that helps,
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