I made this script to help me see the logical connections between
commits.  It produces a .svg graph showing the commits that affected a

For example, say you have the commits:

commit1 - modify hello.c
commit2 - modify goodbye.c
commit3 - modify hello.c and goodbye.c

It will draw a graph showing the first two commits as siblings, and
commit3 as a child of commit1 and commit2.

I have found this very useful when squashing and rebasing development
branches that have got a lot of "fix typo" and "fix"  type commit
messages.  From the graph you can quickly see which commit they were
fixing (the parent, in the graph).

Here is an example output, running it on kwin for the last 100 commits:

$ graph_git.pl --nofiles -100


And again with files for the last 10 commits:

$ graph_git.pl -10


(Note that it has tooltips)

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