so, I started using it this WE for my big rebase 

I had aproximately 130 non-merge commits in my branch, a feature branch in 
which I had regularly merged master, but I needed to rebase everything and then 
reorganise most commits to make the whole thing reviewable

* merge bug-fix with the commit that introduced the bug
* change sloppy commit messages
* separate sloppy commit into multiple commits

I did my initial rebase and I am now doing repetitive "git rebase -i" to get 
everything going

your script is very usefull to me because it allows me to easily see the 
overall layout of things and figure what commit are "suspect" (touching files 
from different areas that have no reasons to be touched at the same time)

it also allows me to easily find commits that are highly connected to other 
ones and are the most likely to be problematic when reordering commits. Overall 
that script is awesome.

couple of ideas to refine things

* The tooltips are very handy, but it would be nice if the tooltip would 
activate on the whole commit ellipsis, not just the text inside the ellipsis
* I would love to have tooltips on the arrows too. when trying to follow what 
arrow is what file it makes things really handi

It would be nice if there were a way to filter only some files in the output... 
there probably is with the git-log like syntax but i'm not a master of that... 
hints would be welcome

is there a public repo for this script so I can point other people to it ?


    Jérémy Rosen

fight key loggers : write some perl using vim

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