looking a little bit more into this, I was very suprised....

there seems to be little/no tools in the git ecosystem that studies the 
dependencies between commits based on the file they modified and/or the 
conflict they would cause.

Is there any pre-existing tool to do that ? It can be done with git-log 
--name-only(the graph_git.pl is just a graphing layer above that command) but 
i'm suprised that I couldn't find anything else

And that was at the file level, is there any tool to help find what commits can 
be reordered without causing conflicts ? I am not sure if there is an easy way 
to extract potential conflict information from git...


    Jérémy Rosen

fight key loggers : write some perl using vim

----- Mail original -----
> Hi Jeremy,
>   It would be great if you could send your email again to the list,
>   so
> that other people can see that there is interest in my script :)
> Makes it easier for me to get it included.
> > * The tooltips are very handy, but it would be nice if the tooltip
> > would activate on the whole commit ellipsis, not just the text
> > inside the ellipsis
> Yes, tooltips are a real pain.  I don't know how to do that.
> > * I would love to have tooltips on the arrows too. when trying to
> > follow what arrow is what file it makes things really handi
> Actually they do have tooltips - it's just that the arrows are really
> thin so you have to be very accurate with your mouse pointing!
> > It would be nice if there were a way to filter only some files in
> > the output... there probably is with the git-log like syntax but
> > i'm not a master of that... hints would be welcome
> Try just specifying the files:
> $ graph_git.pl -10  filename1 filename2
> I haven't tested, but it should work
> > is there a public repo for this script so I can point other people
> > to it ?
> No - any suggestions as to where to put it are welcome :)
> John
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