On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 10:55 AM, Jeremy Rosen <jeremy.ro...@openwide.fr> wrote:
> looking a little bit more into this, I was very suprised....
> there seems to be little/no tools in the git ecosystem that studies the 
> dependencies between commits based on the file they modified and/or the 
> conflict they would cause.
> Is there any pre-existing tool to do that ? It can be done with git-log 
> --name-only(the graph_git.pl is just a graphing layer above that command) but 
> i'm suprised that I couldn't find anything else
> And that was at the file level, is there any tool to help find what commits 
> can be reordered without causing conflicts ? I am not sure if there is an 
> easy way to extract potential conflict information from git...

It looks like this tool will do "Proactive Merge Conflicts Detection":


But it's true that it would be nice if there was something in git itself.

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