Jeff King <> writes:

>> With the branch.$name.remote, the user tells us "When I am on this
>> branch, I want to talk to this remote".  When you did
>>      git push -- master next ;# case #4
>> on branch maint, branch.maint.remote should not come into play.
> I understand that's your position, but I don't understand _why_.
> If branch.$name.remote is "when I am on this branch, I want to talk to
> this remote", that rule is not be impacted by the presence of refspecs
> at all.

So running the above while on 'maint' will send master and next to
the remote your "git push" would send to when run without any

That is internally consistent and understandable, and I have no
objection to it.  Certainly much better than basing the decision on
branch.{master,next}.remote as I thought you were suggesting to do.

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