Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Otherwise, I think we're consistent.  git push master; pushes the
> refspec master (with no explicit :<dst> counterpart) to the "default
> place to push to" (either depending on which branch I am, or global).
> I think Junio was mixing up refspecs with refs (branches, and hence
> branch configuration) earlier.  git push origin; pushes to "default
> refspecs" on the remote origin.  By extension, git push; should push
> "default respecs" to the "default place to push to".  The "default
> refspecs" in this context is determined by push.default, which is the
> problem.

Major thinko here.  The problem is git push master; choosing the
"default place to push to" depending on what branch I'm in.  A plain
git push; is just fine.
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