Felipe Contreras wrote:
> We all benefit from these patches being reviewed in the git mailing
> list, nobody has claimed otherwise. You are making the error of
> assuming that your review was actionable, that I should have done
> something, fix the commit message I suppose, but I don't think that's
> important.

What I'm saying is that you can get more eyes.  A lot more eyes.  If
you just write a proper commit message!

Why are you hitting everyone's inboxes with such cryptic patches that
require either:
1. The reviewer to trust what you've done and move on.
2. The reviewer to do a lot of digging before the patch becomes
accessible to her.

> You just got angry that your review didn't turn out to be helpful, is
> that it? Why do you want to steal helpful review from the users of
> remote-{bzr,hg}? If that's not the case, please stop doing that. All
> review is welcome, not all review should be acted upon.

I'm not angry about anything, or trying to steal anything.

What happened:  New email.  Felipe's remote-hg fixes.  Okay, let's
look at this.  Part 1.  What?!  [I wrote down what I was thinking as I
was reading the email]

This is where you _should_ apply reason: justify everything you've
done in the patch in your commit message.  Why are you so stubborn
about not wanting to change your ways despite so many people telling
you?  Is it your pride*?

* Yes, I noticed that you have a huge ego.  I consider it an undesirable trait.
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