Am 22.05.2013 17:16, schrieb Ralf Thielow:
     hunk               = Bereich

IMHO "Kontext" is better if you use a German word. Technically the context is
something else, but in a German text IMHO it fits nicer when explaining to the
user where he/she can select the n-th hunk.

Not sure if German users would know what "hunk" means, in case we
leave it untranslated. And I'm not sure if I would understand "Kontext".
I tend to leave it untranslated.

I don't think "Bereich" is a bad choice. As "hunk" is not a word with special meaning in cvs and not used in any commands I don't see a lot of reasons to keep it in english.

Alternative translations might be "Teilbereich", "Dateibereich". "Kontext" would be very confusing IMHO

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