Hi all,

thanks for all your comments. Here's an updated version of the glossary
including (hopefully) all the changes you've suggested.

Basic repository objects:

    blob           = Blob
    tree           = Baum-Objekt (bevorzugt), "Tree"-Objekt
    submodule      = Submodul
    pack(noun)     = Pack-Datei
    pack(verb)     = Pack-Datei erstellen
    ancestor       = Vorgänger-Commit

Content in a repository:

    file(s)        = Datei(en)
    tracked file   = beobachtete Datei
    track file     = beobachte Datei
    untracked file = unbeobachtete Datei
    directory      = Verzeichnis

Repositories / tracking concepts:

    clone (verb)           = klonen
    clone (noun)           = der Klon
    repository             = Repository
    bare repository        = Bare Repository
    working directory      = Arbeitsverzeichnis
    working tree           = -||-

    remote branch          = Remote-Branch
    remote-tracking branch = Remote-Tracking-Branch
    upstream branch        = Upstream-Branch

    remote repository      = Remote-Repository
    remote(noun)           = -||-
    remote(adj)            = extern, entfernt liegend


    author    = Autor
    committer = Commit-Ersteller
    tagger    = Tag-Ersteller

Commits, tags and other references:

    HEAD           = HEAD
Konzept aus der Git-Welt, daher nicht zu übersetzen.
    detached HEAD  = losgelöster HEAD

    commit(noun)      = Commit
    commit(verb)      = committen
    commit the result = das Ergebnis committen
    parent commit     = Eltern-Commit
    child commit      = Kind-Commit
    commit message    = Commit-Beschreibung

    stash(noun)       = der Stash
    stash(verb)       = "stash" benutzen
    unstash(verb)     = aus Stash zurückladen

    reference      = Referenz
    refspec        = (die) Refspec
    revision       = Commit
    branch         = Branch
    tag(noun)      = Tag
    tag(verb)      = taggen, Tag erstellen
    annotated tag  = annotierter Tag
    tag message    = Tag-Beschreibung

    orphan commit    =
    orphan reference =

    boundary commit = Grenz-Commit
    root commit     = Ursprungs-Commit, Wurzel-Commit

    stage/index (noun) = Staging-Area
    stage/index (verb) = (für einen | zum) Commit vormerken
    unstage (verb)     = aus Staging Area entfernen

The DAG:

    commit graph = Commit-Graph
    merge = Merge

References in relation to other references:

    branches that have diverged = Branches sind divergiert
    diverging references        = divergierte Referenzen
    your branch is ahead        = Ihr Branch ist voraus
    your branch is behind       = Ihr Branch ist hinterher

Moving data around:

    fetch = anfordern
    pull  = zusammenführen
    push  = versenden

    fast-forward     = vorspulen
    non-fast-forward = nicht vorspulen


When a message is referering to the command, e.g. in
error messages, we do not translate the term.
For example: "revert" ist fehlgeschlagen
When a message is referering to the thing the command
is doing, e.g. in help messages, we translate the term.
For example: "fordert von allen externen Projektarchiven an"
For some commands we currently don't have a sane translation
(e.g. "cherry-pick") so we don't translate it in any case.

    add(verb)           = hinzufügen
    log                = Log
    interactive commit = interaktiver Commit
    cherry-pick        = "cherry-pick" benutzen
    rebase(verb)       = "rebase" benutzen
    rebase(noun)       = "rebase"
    archive            = archivieren
    revert             = zurücknehmen
    clean(verb)        = säubern/aufräumen
    clean(noun)        = Säuberung
    merge(verb)        = zusammenführen
    merge(noun)        = Zusammenführung
    reset(verb)        = umsetzen
    reset(noun)        = der "reset"
("Umsetzung" would be too confusing.)
    apply              = anwenden

    bundle(noun)       = Paket
    bundle(verb)       = Paket erstellen
    unbundle(verb)     = Paket entpacken

    bisect             = binäre Suche
    bisecting          = bei einer binären Suche sein, binäre Suche durchführen

Diff/patch related:

    diff               = Differenz
    delta              = Differenz (or Delta)
    patch              = Patch
    diffstat           = Diffstat
    hunk               = Block (maybe "Patch-Block")
    whitespace         = Whitespace

Still being worked out:

    prune              = veraltete(n) Branch(es) entfernen
    checkout(verb)     = auschecken

    git add            = hinzufügen

    merge conflict = Merge-Konflikt
    3-way merge    = 3-Wege-Merge
    paths          = Pfade

    symbolic link = symbolischer Verweis
    path = Pfad
    link = Verweis

    reflog = Referenzprotokoll
    partial commit (verb) = teilweise committen
    partial commit (noun) = Teil-Commit

    register   = in die Konfiguration eintragen
    unregister = aus der Konfiguration austragen
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