SZEDER Gábor <> writes:

>> Now I do not recall suggesting it, and you (and I today after 2
>> years) may disagree with the rationale, but at least we can read
>> what was the "intended" meaning, I think.
> See
> I still agree with the rationale,...

Thanks for a pointer.  I think what I was suggesting was slightly
different in that I was hoping to see a single helper that knows to
complete to object names (possibly including trees/blobs with the
treeish:path notation), ranges, and pathnames (not treeish:path
notation) until it sees a "--" and then complete only to pathnames.

It can be improved by teaching the unified one that some command
like "log" can never take treeish:path but only committishes, some
command take individual object names but never ranges, and/or
details like that.  But I still agree that "git log HEAD:dir<TAB>"
that completes to a blob or a tree object name is not an issue
(because what was before <TAB> cannot possibly name anything "git
log" would appreciate), even though it might not be ideal.

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