On Sun, Jun 09, 2013 at 07:15:45AM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> > Sorry, but I don't agree, and I want to publicly state my opinion so
> > that Jonathan (and other bystanders on the list) knows that he is not
> > alone in his opinions.
> You don't agree that 1) a collegial work environment is overrated, 2)
> that the Linux kernel doesn't put an emphasis on being collegial, or
> 3) that it's the most successful software project in history?

Point 1.

> Go back to my 261 commits, show me one that is "unmindful of technical 
> details".

I do not have an interest in cataloguing past conflicts I and others
have had with you; the list archive has done so. I have already made my
comments there, and I see no point in starting a new argument.

> Exactly. Nobody is forcing you to read my emails. But somehow you
> already know that ignoring them is not in the best interest of the
> project. And by that I mean it's in the best interest of our users,
> without which our project is nothing.

I never claimed that you contribute nothing. But every minute spent
arguing with you is a minute that could be spent on something more
productive. It is certainly possible that community members reading your
emails could be a net negative for the users, if it leaves them no time
for other code.

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