On 06/09/2013 09:11 PM, Johan Herland wrote:
> [...]
> FWIW, I'd like to express my support for the opinions expressed by
> Jonathan, Jeff and Thomas. They accurately describe my impression of
> these discussion threads.

I also agree.  In my opinion, Felipe, your abrasiveness, your disregard
of project standards, and your eternal argumentativeness outweigh the
benefit of your contributions, large though they may be.

Writing code is only a small part of keeping the Git project going.

* Reviewing code is an essential, more thankless, and therefore more
precious, contribution.  Therefore the Git project has standards to make
code review less unpleasant and more effective; for example: (1) patches
shouldn't cause regressions; (2) commit messages have to be written to
very high standards; (3) reviewers' comments should be accepted
gratefully and taken very seriously.  Almost everybody in the Git
community accepts these standards.  Felipe, you do not seem to.  The
result is that reviewers' time and goodwill are wasted, and they
justifiably feel unvalued.  We can't afford to misuse reviewers; they
are the bedrock (and the bottleneck) of the project.

* Gaining and keeping contributors is important to maintaining the
success of the project.  The mailing list is the main forum for the
development community; therefore, it is important that the mailing list
be a place where people display a high degree of technical excellence,
but also respect for one another, friendliness (or at least a lack of
hostility), and discussions that do turn into flame wars.  It is
possible to have a profound technical disagreement without losing
respect for the other side; contrariwise it is NOT acceptable to twist a
technical disagreement into a personal attack, even by the slightest
insinuation.  Felipe, in my opinion your participation in the mailing
list lowers the tone dramatically, and will result in loss of other
contributors and the failure to attract new contributors.

Felipe, I wish that you would devote a small fraction of your prodigious
energy to the very difficult challenge of feeling empathy,
understanding, and respect for the other members of the community.  But
if things continue the way they have, I personally would, with sadness
in my heart, prefer to forgo your patches in exchange for the more
important benefit of a more collegial (and therefore overall more
productive and sustainable) community.


Michael Haggerty
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