> From: Benoit Person <>
> This script will be used for all tools and command related to a mediawiki
> remote. In this commit we introduce the tool, the way it parses argument
> and subcommands and an example of subcommand: "help". It also updates
> the Makefile so that the new tool is installed properly.

How does the "make" Vs "make install" work? How does a developer run the
tool without installing?

I first tried:

$ ../../bin-wrappers/git mw
git: 'mw' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

Then, this first seem OK:

$ ./git-mw 
usage: git mw <command> <args>

git mw commands are:
    Help        Display help information about git mw
    Preview     Parse and render local file into HTML

BUT, this will take the installed if it is available,
and we don't want this (if one hacks locally, one wants
the new hacked to be taken into account without "make install"ing it).

To understand better how it works, try adding this in git-mw.perl:

  print "$_\n" for @INC;

I get this:


The '.' is there, but it comes after the hardcoded
/home/moy/local/usr-squeeze/share/perl/5.14.2 (which has to comes first,
to let the install version be robust to whatever comes after).

I think you need an equivalent of Git's toplevel bin-wrappers/git, or
perhaps use the same bin-wrapper/git but let "make install" in
contrib/mw-to-git/ install in perl/blib/lib

BTW, I just noticed we had a Git::SVN, so perhaps GitMediawiki should be

Matthieu Moy
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