Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Matthieu Moy <matthieu....@grenoble-inp.fr> writes:
>> benoit.per...@ensimag.fr writes:
>>> diff --git a/contrib/mw-to-git/git-mw.perl b/contrib/mw-to-git/git-mw.perl
>>> new file mode 100644
>>> index 0000000..a2f0aa1
>>> --- /dev/null
>>> +++ b/contrib/mw-to-git/git-mw.perl
>> *.perl scripts are usually executable in Git's tree (although it's
>> usually better to run the non-*.perl version).
> Good eyes.  But if we encourage people to run non-*.perl version,
> perhaps we should drop the executable bit from the source, no?

But by default, I'd say consistency is most important so if other *.perl
are executable, we should do the same (otherwise my "ls" shows different
colors and it's ugly ;-) ).

But it may make sense to change the convention, i.e. run a "chmod -x
*.perl" in Git's tree (in any case, people can still run "perl

Matthieu Moy
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