Benoît Person <> writes:

>> I think you need an equivalent of Git's toplevel bin-wrappers/git, or
>> perhaps use the same bin-wrapper/git but let "make install" in
>> contrib/mw-to-git/ install in perl/blib/lib
> Typo s/make install/make/ ?


> For that one, I am not really sure Git::Mediawiki makes more sense
> than GitMediawiki. The point of the package is to
> contain all the stuff for the bidirectionnal-thingy. So they are not
> really Git-related, nor Mediawiki-related.

I'd say they are related to both, not to neither.

> Making it part of a "Git" directory / namespace does not really feels
> right, even if it's how it's done for SVN :/ .

Well, it's the part of Git's perl library which deals with SVN
interaction, so it makes sense to have it be a subdirectory of Git. I'd
say it makes as much sense for Mediawiki interaction.

Matthieu Moy
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